Discover the Best 10 Cryptocurrencies to Hold for the Long Run

Ripple is a leading payment transaction provider with a massive user base offering up to 60% savings on transaction costs compared to traditional financial institutions. With the use of the XRP cryptocurrency and blockchain network, international transactions can be processed quickly and efficiently. Despite ongoing legal battles with the SEC, analysts believe that Ripple will come out unscathed, leading to increased value of the coin. Another cryptocurrency to consider for long-term investment is Cardano, which has a significant footing with its proof-of-stake system, providing an advantage over Ethereum.

The Massive User Base

One of the platform’s great strengths is found in its massive user base. Ripple’s user base includes transaction cost savings of up to 60 percent when compared to actual financial institutions. RippleNet is one of the leading Enterprise-grade fintech payment transaction providers over the past 10 years.

Quick International Transactions

Banks can process international transactions more quickly thanks to the native XRP cryptocurrency. The XRP Ledger is a fresh decentralized blockchain network that allows smart contracts and decentralized apps. XRP also supports this platform.

A Long-term Investment Pick

Ripple first seems like an odd choice as a long-term crypto investment because it is presently involved in a protracted legal battle with the U.S Securities and Exchange Commission. However, many analysts think Ripple will come out of the case uninjured, which would immediately increase the value of the coin.

Cardano, Another Long-term Pick

Another cryptocurrency to hold for the long term is Cardano. The platform developed a significant footing while it had one key advantage over Ethereum – a proof-of-stake system.

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