Experience the Thrill of Horse Racing with PancakeSwap Launch’s 100x Crypto Race-to-Earn Game! πŸŽπŸš€

Horse D-Race is a play-to-earn horse-racing game featuring NFT horses in a PvP format. Players will feed and train their own horses, place bets on them, and participate in races to win rewards in the platform’s token. The game will launch on Pancake Swap, and players can merge their horses for potentially rare outcomes. The developers have a low buy and sell tax of 2% for marketing and development. Horse D-Race has a detailed roadmap with a pre-sale and post-launch marketing to list on major exchanges. The reviewer believes it to be a promising game and project but reminds the viewers that the video is for education only and is not financial advice.

Reviewing Horse D-Race: A Race-to-Earn Game Based on Horse Racing Mechanics


What’s up guys? Welcome back to my channel. Today we will be reviewing another crypto project that’s looking real nice. It’s a play to earn game, or more specifically, a race to earn game based on horse racing mechanics.

The Game

Your NFT would be a horse, which you would have to feed in a specific way following the strategy of your choice to win the race. They have a field or pre-sale on Ping Stable already and are going to be launching on Pancake Swap soon.

The game is called Horse D-Race, and it is a racing game that allows you to own your own NFT horse, feed and coach them your way, and participate in tournaments all over the world. You can race, bet, and earn in the game.

Game Mechanics

Horse D-Race is a well-achieved game in the play-to-earn space. The horses look like they have been done pretty well, and the environment is well achieved. The better horses are more expensive, and you have to choose their food to affect their performance later on. Jumps are also incorporated into the game, and there are different factors that influence who wins the race.


In this game, players will participate in pvp format races to win rewards in the platform for Horse D-Race tokens. Horse D-Race is a race to earn racing game with elegant horse NFTs.
The fusion mechanic allows you to merge your horses to potentially get a rare horse. The training arena allows you to coach your horse and develop their potential ability. You can also bet on the races, even if you don’t own an NFT horse.


Phase one involves the game idea, graphic designs, platform creation, building the developer team, marketing research, and building the community. Phase two is related to the pre-sale, obtaining of the necessary badges, safety KYC, audit batch, country deployment, marketing, and finalizing the pre-sale, amongst others.

Phase three is the current phase, calling for big call channels in the launch on Pancake Swap, listing on Coin Market Cap and Coin Gecko, post-launch marketing, NFT mints, and launch.


Horse D-Race offers an interesting concept in play-to-earn, making it an excellent opportunity for interested investors. It has a low tax of 2% for marketing and development and offers many perks for players, whether they own NFT horses or not.

Remember, this is not financial advice, and we are not financial advisors. This review is for educational purposes only. I hope you enjoyed this review and learned something new. See you on the next review!

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