Discover the Stunning NEW Feature in Fame MMA Crypto presale – Join the Tenset 4th Gem with skyrocketing potential for the Next EverDome or Metahero! πŸš€

10 Set Gem Launch Platform has announced the fourth gem, a cryptocurrency pre-sale for Fame MMA, a group based in Europe that plans to go global and tokenize itself. Subscribers to 10 Set’s Gem Launch Platform will be able to participate in the pre-sale, which is exclusive to the platform’s members. The pre-sale begins on April 25 and lasts 48 hours. Previous projects launched on 10 Set’s platform have seen significant gains for investors, such as Everdome, which went up 45x, and Congress Change, which went up to $35 from a pre-sale price of $2.

10 Set Gem Launch Platform: The Biggest Cryptocurrency Pre-Sale in April

Cryptocurrency Pre-Sale from 10 Set Gem Launch Platform

What’s up, you guys, Jim Crypto here, and I’m back with the biggest cryptocurrency pre-sale in April, and this is gonna be a cryptocurrency pre-sale from the ten-set gem launch platform. So let’s just get right to it, guys, and here is the official announcement from 10 Set.

10 Set Gem Launch Platform

This is going to be the fourth gem, and as you guys know, I’ve been talking about the 10 Set Gem Launch Platform for a long time ever since the beginning. So this is for the Fame MMA, and if you guys are new to like MMA, Fame MMA is a group out of Europe and it’s gonna go international and it’s tokenizing themselves as you see right over here.

Past Projects of Tencent Gem Launch Platform

And as you know, if you guys participate on these 10 Set Gem Launch Platform, definitely lots of potential and it always goes above the pre-sale price, and we could look at some past projects that the Tencent gem launch platform has launched.

Fame Token for Fame MMA

So this next fourth gem is for the Fame token for Fame MMA, and you guys can follow MMA on Twitter and the website and everything else for the latest updates, and Fame MMA just announced partnerships like with Meta hero.

How to Get Involved

So how do you guys get involved? It’s a big question, right? And if you guys go to the press release as you’ll see right here, Tencent is selling memberships to the 10 Set subscription service or 10 Set Gem Launch Platform, and you have to lock a certain number of 10 Set tokens. So all you have to do is hit subscribe, and I have subscribed like two of them already so I have two 10 Set Gem Launch Platform wallets, and all you have to do is connect your wallet, and you’re ready to go.

Exclusive Pre-sale

This exclusive pre-sale is going to be worth it, and the total value of the locked Ten Set token is 110 million. So all you have to do is just join the Telegram channel for 10 Set or follow them on Twitter, and you’ll have all the latest news. An official pre-sale date is going to be April 25th, and it’s going to run for 48 hours, and it’s exclusive for 10 Set Gem Launch Platform members such as me.

Fame MMA Going International

This is definitely going to be a big project; they’re partnering up with Meta hero for their scanner technology. They’re working with 10 Set for the Gem Launch Platform. So this is definitely going to be big, and I hear it’s going to get listed on pancake swap. It’s gonna get listed on major exchanges, so who knows, guys, it might be on cook coin, okay x Binance, Coinbase, so it’s gonna be definitely on top-tier exchanges.


So if you guys like this cryptocurrency pre-sale, Fame MMA, make sure you guys smash the like button and comment Fame MMA to the moon. And with all my videos, you’re just for entertainment purposes. I’m not a financial advisor. It’s not financial advice. Make sure you do research. Thank you guys for watching, and I’ll see you next video. Peace out.

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