Unveiling the Co-Founder of Tapioca DAO: Discover Matt Marino’s Vision for Borderless Liquidity in Blockchain Interviews

Tapioca DAO co-founder Matt Moreno discussed the need for borderless liquidity in the cryptocurrency industry on The CryptoCoin Show. Moreno said existing bridges offer fractured, siloed liquidity, which limits the use of assets on multiple blockchains simultaneously. In contrast, Tapioca DAO utilizes layer zero messaging relay technology that allows EVM-compliant blockchains to communicate, effectively breaking down the silos. Moreno said Tapioca DAO users can lend on one chain and invest on multiple protocols, while also borrowing from any blockchain to any other, fulfilling the goal of offering borderless liquidity.


As the world of cryptocurrency continues to grow rapidly, more people are getting involved in decentralized finance and taking control of their own finances. However, the liquidity of cryptocurrencies is still siloed, making it difficult for users to take advantage of different networks simultaneously. This is where Tapioca DAO comes in – offering borderless liquidity and unlocking the true power of digital assets.

Interview with Matt Moreno, Co-Founder of Tapioca DAO

In an interview on the CryptoCoin Show, Matt Moreno shares his background in crypto and how it led him to co-found Tapioca DAO. With an early start in Bitcoin back in 2009 and a passion for DeFi, Moreno has been keeping an eye on the space constantly.

Tapioca DAO’s Goal: Borderless Liquidity

The goal of Tapioca DAO is to offer borderless liquidity by allowing users to lend on one chain and gain access to yield generating strategies on multiple networks. Tapioca DAO also allows users to borrow from any blockchain to any blockchain, creating a seamless user experience.

How Tapioca DAO Achieves Borderless Liquidity

To achieve borderless liquidity, Tapioca DAO operates on Layer Zero technology, which is essentially a messaging relay that allows EVM compliant blockchains to send messages to one another. In this way, Tapioca DAO can pop up on new networks immediately and support new technologies without the need for centralized bridges that are prone to hacking.

The Benefits of Layer Zero

The modularity and lightweight nature of Layer Zero technology make it ideal for supporting new blockchains. All that is needed for a blockchain to support Layer Zero is the Layer Zero endpoints, which act as mailboxes for sending and receiving messages. Layer Zero technology also eliminates the need for wrapped assets and centralized minting and burning, thereby reducing vulnerabilities.

The Future of Cryptocurrency

As more people get involved in decentralized finance, the need for borderless liquidity solutions like Tapioca DAO becomes increasingly apparent. With Layer Zero technology, Tapioca DAO is well-positioned to continue supporting new blockchains and technologies, helping to create a more connected and holistic ecosystem for cryptocurrencies.

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