“Unleashing the Secret: What’s in Store for Ripple XRP?”

The Daily Crypto News features their host discussing XRP, noting that there are two main theories about the cryptocurrency’s future – one side holding that it won’t succeed and should be suppressed, and the other believing it to be the world’s future reserve currency. While the host admits to trading himself and has high hopes for XRP, he notes that there are many other cryptocurrencies that may offer greater opportunities for profit or progress. The wider conversation considers the potentials of cryptocurrencies beyond investment purposes, particularly in the realm of financial systems and everyday transactions.

The Daily Crypto News: Tony Valentino Confirms XRP’s Journey to Asia

Hey guys what is up it’s dusty here and welcome back to another episode of The Daily crypto news and today we have a couple of Juicy pieces to cover so make sure you watch the entire video.

Tony Valentino Confirms XRP’s Journey to Asia
First of all, Tony Valentino said on Twitter the xrp journey is confirmed to begin in Asia Western Powers such as The US IMF World Bank Etc are allowing it so they can pretend they played no major role in xrp uh becoming digital gold 50 billion plus minus xrp and escrow will still go to IMF eventually to really quidify the system.

XRP Community’s Divergent Views
I sometimes kind of Wonder exactly what your Thoughts are on xrp xap Ledger and we’re eventually it’s gonna go towards within the community I’d say there’s two main theories a lot of people on one end set they don’t want xrp to succeed they’re trying to push it down as much as possible which again has two sub Opinions one because they don’t want to show interest and one because they just want to to keep all the control for themselves but then there’s the opposite side which is people saying no xrp was meant to be the world Reserve currency it’s gonna be like digital gold 10 000 35 000 per xcp whatever and I sometimes wonder what I really think xrp is meant for and where I really think it’s gonna go if you’re asking me honestly am I waiting for the day it’s gonna hit ten thousand bucks in reality I am waiting For it sure but let’s be honest here if you have to wait for that day to become happy or anything like that I don’t think that’s the healthy way to go about it and honestly I’d be very happy if xrp hit 12 or anything of the sort in any Reasonable amount of time.

High Hopes for XRP
I honestly have very high hopes for this crypto and I think over the next couple of years the Financial system is going to change a whole lot and xrp I think is going to play a major role in the new Financial system but to what degree that’s going to influence the price to go up by thousands of percent I sometimes wonder and I can’t necessarily say I know now.

Crypto Trading
I personally also trade crypto a lot maybe that makes a little bit of a difference but if you guys want to also trade regardless of what country in the world you’re in make sure you check out bid gets you can use it in the US UK Wherever in the world as far as I know and the first I think 10 or so people maybe a little bit more that sign ups get ten dollars for free but still everybody that makes a 50 bucks deposit still gets 20 in xrp that you can do it As you please but at maximum you can get up to eight thousand dollars worth of bonuses so just check it out with the link down below.

The New Financial System
I think over the next couple of years the Financial system is going to change a whole lot and xrp I think is going to play a major role in the new Financial system.

Adoption and Profitability
But to what extent that’s going to increase the price is still something that people Have to figure out eventually but this is more so from the adoption skill as to how far they’re going to get and how the new Financial system could be be made or how it could potentially work through a lot of these Partnerships with these specific cryptos and I just say that if You don’t believe in any of the cryptos that we’ve mentioned a couple times in this list right here if you hold don’t hold any of these cryptos that’s completely fine because you’re your own individual but I personally say maybe look into it again and kind of think for yourself about how different cryptos Have different purposes and well we never really know what type of purpose is gonna pay off at the end of the day we don’t know exactly what the most profitable Niche or area is going to be and for that reason it might be well worth it to look into the most logical Sector for crypto currencies to thrive in which is well the financial space of everyday transactions or just the current Financial system and replacing that or adding to that in any way shape or form.

Differentiating Cryptos
Bitcoin even though I’d personally say as well through either lightning Network or Bitcoin on its own You might say it’s a replacement to gold which is an integral part of the financial system certainly but I think most of us would agree that it stands outside of a traditional payment landscape because everybody knows Bitcoin is not the easiest currency to transact it’s pretty easy to press the Send button but it’s very expensive and it’s pretty slow whereas the xrp takes that cake or crown by mouth and the same thing goes for a platformer Bitcoin is just not that good ethereum is pretty good but there’s a lot of other cryptos that are starting to become better and So it’s just worth it to look into it.

To conclude, Tony Valentino’s confirmation of XRP’s journey to Asia is a significant development in the crypto space. While the XRP community holds divergent views on its future, it is agreed that XRP will play a significant role in the new financial system. It is also recommended that one should look into different cryptos and think for themselves about how different cryptos have different purposes.

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