Cardano DEFI Project Primed to Skyrocket in 2021: Will It Dominate the Crypto Market?

The IDO of GeroWallet on the Cardano ecosystem saw $130 million in volume in just 24 hours, a hot project designed to serve experienced and new users with a focus on user-centric design. The wallet offers inter-chain and cross-chain swapping, inter-chain compatibility, and multi-chain compatibility with a Swiss Army knife of features that empower individuals to access decentralized finance technology. GeroWallet is expected to be the first multi-chain asset wallet on Cardano, likely to contribute to the adoption of its product betting on the future of Cardano. CardStarter, the launching platform that created GeroWallet, is preparing for its next launch project called DeFinity, which is a blockchain agnostic layer 2 protocol.

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The Parabolic IDO of GeroWallet

One of the hottest sales just happened before the bloodbath of all bloodbaths in crypto. The IDO of GeroWallet went absolutely parabolic, at one point, hitting $130 million in volume in just 24 hours, with the price going as high as 95¢ from the launch.

What is GeroWallet?

GeroWallet is an all-in-one DeFi app designed to be a powerful tool for experienced and new users alike. GeroWallet delivers a quality UX by focusing on a user-centric design. It’s the first Cardano wallet to launch a built-in multifunctional toolkit boasting inter-chain and cross-chain swapping with liquidity lock features.

The GERO team

The GERO team comprises of industry veterans with vast experience and extensive connections in numerous industries. Previous experience gives the knowledge needed for a successful long-term project, and CARDS will be helping that ever even more as GERO is the third CARDS Accelerator Project (CAP). Team member backgrounds include companies such as Google, NASA and Amazon with more than 50 years of experience combined.

The Cardano Platform

GeroWallet is designed to work on Cardano’s Goguen network, utilizing smart contracts while supporting agnostic chain technologies. Cardano is the perfect platform as the Goguen era will include dApp capabilities which haven’t yet been possible on Cardano, with a modular and flexible design and functionality based on user governance.

GeroWallet’s Mission

GeroWallet’s mission is to create the ultimate Cardano wallet with inter-chain and multi-chain compatibility while providing a superior user experience through an intuitive UI according to the team. They envision a wallet that empowers individuals to access decentralized finance or DeFi technology with a Swiss Army knife of features. GERO will integrate with other protocols and decentralized applications as well. As a result, GeroWallet will effectively be one of the first apps to unlock the power of the Cardano network.

Features of GeroWallet

GERO offers easy storage, sending and receiving of any crypto regardless of the underlying blockchain, direct buying or selling of any crypto with fiat on and off-ramps, the ability to seamlessly plug into dApps and services on any blockchain, effortless swaps of digital assets across blockchains. GERO also allows access to any decentralized finance application including: tokens staking, liquidity pool yield farming, crypto collateral-based loans, and the creation of NFTs.

The Future of Cardano and GeroWallet

GeroWallet will not only be one of the first third party wallets on Cardano, almost surely meaning adoption of its product, but it should also be highlighted that GERO will be the first multi-chain asset wallet on Cardano offering users DeFi. For this reason alone, GeroWallet could be a good buy betting on the future of Cardano itself.

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