Unleashing the Power of the Sleeping Giant: Is Gala Games Ready for a 48X Bull Run with Huobi Partnership?

Gala, a crypto project with its own layer 1 blockchain focused on NFTs, D5 gaming, film, music, and the metaverse is undervalued despite its potential. The project is down over 95% from its all-time high price and has a market cap of only $300 million. The writer predicts that the next bull run could see the project skyrocket and Gala haters will regret ignoring it. The project recently partnered with crypto exchange Huobi, which aims to list Gala, integrate Huobi’s Eco Chain with Gala’s platform, and develop new blockchain-based games available on both platforms. The writer believes that Gala’s focus on the long-term and strategic partnerships sets it apart from other crypto gaming projects.

Uncovering the Undervalued Sleeping Giant that is Gala


Despite having its own blockchain, focusing on NFTs, D5 gaming, film music, and the metaverse, Gala is severely undervalued at only $300 million.

The Negative Nancies

Unfortunately, there are still haters out there who refuse to acknowledge Gala’s potential. However, during the next Bull Run, they may regret their ignorance as Gala rises to new heights.

Laugh Now Cry Later

Canadian rapper, Drake, couldn’t have said it better. During the next Bull Run, people will cry for missing out on Gala’s incredible gains or cry tears of joy from accumulating.

Gala’s Newest Partnership

Gala recently partnered up with Huobi, a crypto exchange, to list Gala, integrate Huobi’s Eco chain, and develop new blockchain-based games. This partnership showcases Gala’s focus on the long-term and could attract more exchanges to partner up in the future.

Gala vs. the Competition

For those interested in comparing Gala to other crypto gaming projects like Apecoin, Decentraland, Sandbox, Axie Infinity, and Engine, check out this video.

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