“Discover the Live Astro Grow ATGx Swap and Presale Event – Join the Latest Utility BSC Crypto Metaverse Opportunity”

Cryptocurrency YouTuber Jim Krypto is promoting a pre-sale event for AstroGro’s latest digital token, ATGX, in a follow-up to a previous video discussing the utility token provider. AstroGro’s metaverse-universe blockchain ecosystem is bridging DeFi needs with NFT marketplaces and an AstroBank, and the ATGX token offers real utility in the environment. The token is available through PancakeSwap from 20 September to 10 October and is listed at the best possible price at 0.005. The project features a presale total soft cap of $50k and a hard cap of $250k.


Cryptocurrency has been a hot topic for many years now, and it’s no surprise that many people are interested in investing in it. Recently, Jim Krypto released a video announcing a new pre-sale event for a cryptocurrency utility token called AstroGX. AstroGX is an extension of the popular Astro Grow cryptocurrency, which has been doing amazingly well in the market.

The Astro Grow Cryptocurrency

Astro Grow is an obverse ecosystem that bridges a metaverse and a universe. It’s a long-term project with amazing 40 docs team potential for the future. It offers an all-in-one ecosystem for all your d5 needs, including NFTs, a metaverse, and more. The project has been going on for at least three months, and it has a nice trend, with the 24-hour trading volume at approximately 70k. The project has an amazing telegram channel, which you can join to know more about the project and stay updated.

AstroGX Token Pre-sale

The AstroGX pre-sale event is going on right now, and it’s an opportunity for people to buy the utility token at a discounted rate. The pre-sale is available until September 20th, when they will list the token on Pancake Swap. The pre-sale rate for the token is listed at 0.005, and the listing price will be 0.00. You can use the referral link in the description to participate and have access to a nice bonus based on the number of tokens you purchase, and you can also earn 15% referral commission when you refer other people to the pre-sale event.

How to Purchase the AstroGX Token

Buying the AstroGX token is straightforward. You simply click the link in the description, which redirects you to the payment dashboard, where you can select the number of tokens you want and make your payment using a stable coin, BNB, or ADA, among others. You can use the USD amount or scan the QR code to make your payment. However, if you miss the pre-sale event, you can still purchase the token on Pancake Swap, but the listing price will be higher.

AstroGX Token Benefits

The AstroGX token provides a real utility as it allows you to access several features of the Astro Grow ecosystem, such as an all-in-one ecosystem for all your d5 needs, including NFTs, a metaverse, and more. Additionally, you stand to earn nice BUSD reflection rewards, participate in buybacks and burn, and get access to an amazing Astro wallet. The project already has several audits and articles on Bloomberg, and the team has been verified, giving you confidence that you are investing in a genuine project.


In conclusion, Astro Grow is a long-term project with huge potential for growth. The pre-sale event for the AstroGX token is a unique opportunity for people to invest in the Astro Grow ecosystem and enjoy the benefits that come with it. Investing in cryptocurrency is always a risk, but with the incredible progress that Astro Grow has made so far, it’s an investment worth considering.

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