What’s the Deal with This “Tiny” Altcoin Surging 100-1000x in the Crypto Metaverse? #altcoin #crypto #metaverse

Hello is an altcoin that offers a suite of entertainment-based games, music, and TV services. It was founded by Paul Caslin, a Grammy-nominated creative director, and has a partnership with Universal Music. With a current value of only seven, its micro-cap coin is ranked outside the top 600 but has explosive upside potential. Similar to other successful cryptocurrencies in the last bull market, it is a narrative play and offers 100x potential if bought under a cent in 2022.


Are you interested in learning about the next 100 to 1000x cryptocurrency? In the last bull market, some of the best performing cryptocurrencies were new coins. These coins were narrative-driven, ranked outside the top 500, and were priced under a dollar.

Hello Coin

Hello is an entertainment-based altcoin, similar to Gala. The coin offers a range of entertainment options, including Games, Music, and TV programming. In addition, Hello has a partnership with Universal Music, one of the largest music labels in the world.

The founder of Hello, Paul Caslin, is a Grammy-nominated creative director, bringing a wealth of knowledge and experience to the project.

Market Potential

Although Hello is a micro-cap coin, currently valued at less than $7 and ranking outside the top 600 coins, it has explosive potential due to its partnership with Universal Music and innovative entertainment offerings.

According to some predictions, Hello has the potential to experience 100x gains, similar to the Gala coin, which has already seen significant growth in 2021.

Investment Strategy

If you’re looking to invest in Hello, now may be the time to buy before it experiences significant growth. With the coin currently priced under a cent, there’s potential for significant ROI if the coin reaches its projected growth levels.

Investors should do their own research and weigh the potential risks and rewards of investing in the cryptocurrency market.

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