Unveiling the Hidden Realities of Cryptocurrency Presales

In this video, the speaker discusses the truth behind crypto pre-sales and their potential for making quick profits. The speaker divides the crypto market into two sections: the general market, where the investment mindset is typically long term, and the more speculative space where new projects are constantly launching. The speaker believes that while crypto pre-sales can be a good opportunity to make money, they are not meant for long-term investments. With the current state of the market being affected by the recession and the collapse of FTX, the speaker thinks there is potential for making money by being an early investor in the right project.

The Truth About Crypto Pre-Sales

What is up guys welcome back to boards crypto they have a different type of video I’m gonna be speaking about the truth of crypto pre-sales this is a video that I think is necessary on my channel because my channel basically revolves around crypto pre-sales and upcoming tokens and coins that are going.

Main Market vs. Gamble Place

To explain, I think I want to divide the crypto Market into two big sections first of all we have the general or the main Market where Bitcoin and ethereum and other cryptos are were the mindset for the investment usually is long term and there is a strong belief on those crypto coins and on the other side we have the more gamble Place let’s call them where there is so many small projects that every single day keep launching and launching as if nothing was happening as I mentioned before.

The Potential of Crypto Pre-Sales

I think crypto pre-sales still holds so much potential if you’re one of the first ones to hear about the project and you enter at the right time I think it is a really really good opportunity to make money the market is bad crypto is very affected by the recession and by the collapse of FTX so much people are losing hope in crypto there is potential of making so much money if you are in the right time at the right place and there’s a really famous saying that goes with my mentality for these crypto pre-sales and it’s just the early bird gets the worm.

The Early Bird Gets the Worm

I mean if you are early to buy and you sell once everybody’s in it’s kind of a stable way of making Money and also once the market starts to gain traction back again and the Bull Run arrives there is so many people that are gonna get rich so this is the moment where opportunities are found you just have to find them they are out there trust me.

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