Unleash the Mystery of Crocodile Nest and EGG Mining: Earn an Insane Daily ROI with $CRO

Croconess.app is a new passive income opportunity that allows users to earn rewards by hiring crocodiles. This unique network, not on the BSC or Avalanche network, offers the best CRO reward pool with low fees and high daily returns. Users can refer friends and earn 12% of the CRO used to hire crocodiles. The system relies on users to deposit CRO into the miner, which provides daily returns of up to 8%, with the smallest fees on Chronos chain. The system has anti-whale measures to protect holders against draining the total-value-lock in order to keep the project sustainable.

Crypto News: Croconess.app – The Unique Network for Passive Income


Cryptocurrencies have taken the world by storm offering various opportunities for investment and passive income. Today, we will discuss an entirely unique and new network called croconess.app that provides a revolutionary way to earn passive income.

Crocodile’s Nest – The Best Cro Reward Pool!

Croconess.app, also known as the crocodile’s nest, is a new network that offers the best cro reward pool with the lowest death fee and the best daily returns. You can hire crocodiles that will earn you passive income.

How it Works

To start earning with Croconess.app, you need to buy tokens and deposit them into the miner, which is called the Nest. The Nest offers up to eight percent daily returns, boosting the holder’s returns up to 25% of what they can earn.

Referral Program

Croconess.app offers a referral program. By referring your friends, they can earn a 12% of the cro used to hire crocodiles. All you need to do is copy the referral link and send it to your friends.

Ecosystem Breakdown

The crocodile’s nest ecosystem works as follows: the Nest offers daily rewards with a fixed rate of eight percent. A percentage of the trading fees goes into the Croco bank for marketing and redistribution, and some will go into the token buybacks for the Crown S token. The majority of the revenue from the platform goes into the Croco bank.


The Croconess.app roadmap has three phases. In phase one, the platform is building the community and deploying the reward pool. Phase two involves enhancing the depth, providing more statistics and graphs, and releasing the dao token. In phase three, the platform will continuously build on phase one and two while releasing the NFT collection.

How to Get Started

To get started with Croconess.app, you need to set up your metamask and add the Chronos chain. You can watch the video in the description below for a step-by-step guide. Once set up, you can buy tokens and deposit them into the Nest.


Croconess.app offers a unique and innovative way to earn passive income through hiring crocodiles. The platform offers low fees, high rewards, and an impressive referral program. The roadmap promises even more exciting features and opportunities for growth.

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