The Mysterious Reason Behind My GALA Purchase: Discovering the World of Gala Games, Gala Film, and Gala Music.

The content discusses the reasons why the creator decided to buy the Gala cryptocurrency. The first reason is that Gala Games, which is part of the Gala ecosystem, has the potential to carry the Gala token to great heights in the future. The gaming industry is larger than the music and film industry, and Gala Games is focused on play-to-earn games, which the creator believes is the future of gaming. The second reason is that the creator believes that Gala has a tremendous risk to reward ratio, which means that they are not risking much in potentially gaining a lot. Overall, the content emphasizes the potential of blockchain gaming and why the creator has faith in the Gala cryptocurrency.

Title: Reasons why I decided to buy Gala


In today’s video, I want to talk about several reasons why I decided to buy Gala. So without further ado, let’s jump straight into it.

Reason 1: Gala Games

The first reason why I decided to buy Gala is because of Gala Games. When it comes to the Gala ecosystem, there’s golf film and there’s Gala music as well. However, I truly believe that Gala Games will be the one to carry the Gala token to great heights in the future.

First of all, if we take a look at this chart, we will see that back in 2021, the global movies and entertainment market was worth over 90 billion dollars. The music and movie industry is massive and has a lot of potential. However, when compared to the gaming industry, the size and potential of the music and film industry is really nothing.

The gaming market was worth over 214 billion dollars back in just 2021, and just two years ago, it was over double the size of film and music. With all that being said, when I take a look at golf films and when I take a look at Gala music, I think they have good potential. But gaming has just way better potential, and that is one of the major reasons why I decided to even buy Gala in the first place – because of Gala Games.

Reason 2: Play-to-Earn Games

Something else that I find very amazing about Gala Games is the fact that they are focused on play-to-earn games. Some people think that play-to-earn games have no future, but I truly believe that play-to-earn games will be the future of gaming.

Most people who are playing games are not really earning any income from playing games whatsoever. However, with play-to-earn games, the average gamer can actually earn an income by playing games, and that’s a game changer right there.

The future of gaming is going to be play-to-earn games; it may not be right now, and there may not be mass adoption for play-to-earn games right now, but I think, in the future, blockchain gaming will be so massive.

The future of blockchain gaming

Crypto gaming projects are just a couple of years old, and the whole blockchain gaming scene overall is still so young. With an industry that is still this young, obviously issues are naturally going to happen. It’s just not going to be 100% perfect right out of the gate.

However, I do think that, as time goes on, the tokenomics when it comes to the blockchain gaming scene, in general, not just for Gala Games, are going to start improving by a lot.

The tokenomics are going to get better as time goes on, and when the tokenomics finally become good, I think that is when we are going to see mass adoption when it comes to blockchain gaming.

Reason 3: Tremendous Risk to Reward Ratio

The second reason why I decided to buy Gala is that I believe that Gala has a tremendous risk to reward ratio for me. By me buying Gala right now, the way I view it is that I am not risking that much.

I think the gaming industry is no joke. I think it has a lot of potential. In my opinion, and I want to buy right now. I don’t want to buy when people are fomoing in, and later on when there’s mass adoption, I don’t want to do that.


In conclusion, there are several reasons why I decided to buy Gala. Since blockchain gaming is still so young, there’s a lot of potential for growth, and Gala Games, in particular, has the potential to take the Gala token to great heights in the future. Overall, I believe that Gala has a tremendous risk to reward ratio, and that’s why I am continuing to accumulate more and more of it.

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