Opside secures $4M seed round to expand its ZK-rollup-as-a-service platform

Opside, a three-layer infrastructure platform that offers ZK-rollup-as-a-service (ZK-RaaS), has raised $4m in a seed funding round led by Web3.com Ventures. The platform, which is focused on proof-of-stake and proof-of-work consensus, has developed a general-purpose ZK-rollups software development kit that can enable developers to deploy their applications on Opside layer 3 without any infrastructure. The funding will be used for accelerating Opside’s development, expanding its team, and scaling its operations to meet the increasing demand for its services. The platform has drawn significant attention in the industry for its innovative approach to ZK-RaaS and consensus. The funding enables the firm to establish itself as a leading platform in the space as businesses seek to optimize their applications and improve efficiency. The ZK-rollup approach opens new possibilities for on-chain applications, such as games and social networks, which require faster transaction processing and lower fees. Opside’s approach to making ZK accessible to applications of all sizes and general users has been welcomed by investors.

“We’re thrilled to have Web3.com Ventures and other top investors supporting our mission of making ZK accessible to applications of all sizes and general users. This funding will enable us to continue innovating and developing our platform while expanding our team and customer base.” – Nanfeng, Opside’s co-founder and CEO.

– Opside: https://opsi.de/
– Web3.com Ventures: No link provided in the article, so none to be removed

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