Is Ripple’s Cross Border Service Really Effective?

Ripple’s cross-border payment service, ODL, is being adopted by major payment providers such as Tranglo, Travelex, and SBI, who are using it to move money across borders in countries such as Mexico, the Philippines, and Brazil. Billions of dollars of value are being processed through ODL, with Ripple continuing to add more corridors and expand the product. The quarterly markets report offers further details of the product’s performance, including XRP flows and volumes in different markets.

The Ripple Team’s Cross-Border Payment Service


The massari mainnet conference was a platform for companies to showcase their products and services to a broad audience. One of the teams that caught the attention of many participants was Ripple. There, I had the opportunity to talk to the Ripple team about their cross-border payment service.

Adoption of Ripple’s Cross-Border Payment Service

I asked the Ripple team if their cross-border payment service had actual adoption, and if so, how much. One of their representatives said that they were processing billions of dollars of value cross-border flow for the biggest payment providers globally.

Real Customers of Ripple’s ODL

Ripple’s representative went ahead to talk about their customers, some of whom include Tranglo, Travelex, and SBI. All of them are customers of ODL, and they use ODL to move money across borders.

The representatives went ahead to specify the corridors that their customers are using to move money. These corridors include Mexico, the Philippines, and the Euro. Additionally, Travelex recently expanded to Brazil.

Continued Expansion of Ripple’s Cross-Border Payment Service

The Ripple team is committed to expanding their cross-border payment service product. They aim to add more corridors and expand their product. To get more information about ODL, they urge customers to look at the quarterly markets report, which comes out on a quarterly basis. In this report, they talk about what happens with XRP, XRP flows, different corridors, volumes, markets, and other related information.


Ripple’s cross-border payment service has been an essential tool for their customers who need to move money across borders. The team’s commitment to expanding the product and serving more customers provides hope for the future. The quarterly markets report provides an excellent resource for individuals who want to get more details on their cross-border payment service.

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