Have You Heard of the World’s First Decentralized Multilayer Carbon Credit Protocol in Kyoto? πŸŸͺ

Kyoto Protocol is set to launch its first high-yield auto-compounding D5 protocol on June 15th. The project aims to increase transparency, efficiency and accessibility in the carbon credit industry to combat climate change. Kyoto Protocol is built to disrupt the traditional carbon offset markets and has secured partnerships with Near Protocol and GDA Capital, among others. The project’s KYO token offers high APYs, automated compounding interest, and is a decentralized system held in users’ wallets. The protocol’s developers have structured fees to send 5% to an insurance fund, ensuring staking rewards remain sustainable.

First high yield auto compounding d5 protocol with real world utility

Are you interested in investing in a project that is not only profitable but also makes a difference in the fight against climate change? Look no further than Kyoto Protocol. In this article, we will discuss the upcoming fair launch of Kyoto Protocol, their mission, partnerships, and real world utility.

Website and Fair Launch

Before diving into the details of the project, it’s important to visit the Kyoto Protocol website at kyotoprotocol.io. Their fair launch is set for June 15th, giving investors plenty of time to research the project and consider getting involved. Don’t forget to follow their social channels for updates and to join in on the conversation.

Mission and Partnerships

Kyoto Protocol’s mission is to create a more transparent, efficient, and accessible carbon credit industry. With an APY of 916,000 on a daily APY of 2.5, there is no shortage of profit potential with this project. But what sets Kyoto Protocol apart is their commitment to real world utility and sustainability. Their team has secured big partnerships with Near Protocol and GDA Capital, and have even more in the works. This project is not just about making a quick profit, it’s about building a better future for our planet.

White Paper and Genesis Pool

For a deeper dive into this project, we recommend reading the white paper. Kyoto Protocol plans to disrupt traditional carbon offset markets with their decentralized multi-layer carbon credit financial pool. Features include the Kyoto Token insurance fund, staking simplified, compounded interest automated, highest fixed APY, and interest paid quickly. The genesis pool launch is set for June 15th, so mark your calendars and get ready to be a part of something great.

Partnership with Kudos

One of the most exciting partnerships Kyoto Protocol has secured is with Kudos. This partnership allows the Kudos ecosystem to earn certified carbon credits, directly impacting the fight against climate change. Kudos is a sustainable-focused blockchain supporting a network of businesses building on its platform.

Community and Updates

Kyoto Protocol is committed to keeping their community informed and engaged. They have hosted fireside chats, AMAs, and have active channels on Discord for discussion. Follow their social channels for updates and to join in on the conversation.

Kyoto Protocol is more than just a profitable investment opportunity, it’s a chance to make a difference in the fight against climate change. With a committed team, valuable partnerships, and a focus on sustainability and real world utility, it’s a project worth considering. Don’t miss their fair launch on June 15th, and be sure to follow their social channels for updates and information.

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