Discover How GALA Crypto Skyrocketed by 200% This Week!

Gala has increased by 74 over the last 24 hours and by 200 over the past seven days. This is attributed to the overall increase in the value of cryptocurrencies, with many metaverse cryptos increasing by 15 to 30 percent. Additionally, the recent acquisition of a mobile gaming studio with over 20 million users has sparked interest in Gala. While it may not be advisable to invest in a crypto that has experienced such rapid growth, readers are asked to comment on whether they believe Gala will continue to rise, and whether they plan to invest.

What’s Pumping Gala

Gala is skyrocketing today, gaining 74% in the last 24 hours and about 200% over the last week. But what’s causing this sudden surge?

Market-Wide Growth

Firstly, it’s important to note that the entire cryptocurrency market is up today, with many metaverse coins gaining between 15% and 30%. So Gala’s growth is partly due to market-wide momentum.

Acquisition of Mobile Gaming Studio

However, the main reason for Gala’s explosive growth is a recent acquisition. Gala just made a huge move by acquiring a mobile gaming studio with over 20 million users. This acquisition has shocked the world and has caused investors to rush into the coin.

Is It Wise to Invest Now?

Normally, buying a crypto that has soared so high in such a short time period is not a wise decision, as there is usually a pullback. That being said, the decision to invest ultimately rests with you. Let us know in the comment section why you think Gala is pumping and if you’re planning to invest.

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