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Akimi is a metaverse focused on businesses and entrepreneurs. It aims to be the biggest business hub in the metaverse where professionals and organizations can interact and seize unprecedented opportunities through web-free technologies. Users can buy, sell, lease, and develop virtual offices on virtual land plots, without the need for physical presence or unnecessary travel. Akimi offers three different sizes of plots catering to the needs of different-sized businesses. It will raise funds through selling land plots directly as NFTs, with a lock-up period to prevent the floor price from dropping. Pre-sales one and two will sell limited plots as NFTs.

Akimi: A Metaverse Built for Entrepreneurs and Businesses

Welcome back to the channel. Today, we are going to take a closer look at Akimi and how it is set to transform the business landscape through its metaverse for entrepreneurs and businesses. Akimi aims to provide a platform that allows businesses to take advantage of web-free technology and develop their businesses in new and innovative ways.

A Quick Disclaimer

As always, we would like to give the necessary disclaimer that nothing in this video is financial advice. Please do your own research and invest only what you are willing to lose.

Preview Video and Project Overview

To give a brief overview of the project, you can view a short preview video of Akimi on their Twitter page. Akimi’s mission is to build the biggest business hub within the metaverse, enabling professionals and organizations to interact and seize unprecedented opportunities. Entrepreneurs and businesses can buy, sell, lease, and develop virtual offices on virtual land plots. Akimi acts as their trusted gateway into the metaverse, where they can network with like-minded peers, hire and train talent, meet new clients, and find suppliers, customers, and partners without the need for physical presence or unnecessary travel. The designated business and career fairs hosted by Akimi enable businesses to display ads and market their services or products to a vast audience of global professionals. In short, the future of corporate communication is here, and Akimi is leading the innovative business frontier for progressive thinkers.

Akimi’s Focus on Businesses and Entrepreneurs

What makes Akimi unique is its focus on businesses and entrepreneurs. It is not just another gaming or dating metaverse. This metaverse aims to bring together a community of like-minded people, business owners, and entrepreneurs as a business hub with global opportunities. Akimi provides everyone access to everything they need to help their business flourish, such as networking, collaborations, marketing, scouting, training, exhibitions, and conferences. Virtual working offices, events, and activities will power businesses of the future. Akimi is the vehicle that connects people globally, using an ecosystem of endless careers and business opportunities.

Trusted Gateway to the Metaverse

By embracing web-free technology, businesses can benefit from new and limitless growth opportunities. However, making the leap can be a challenge. That is why Akimi becomes the trusted platform of choice. Business owners, entrepreneurs, and their teams will have access to all the resources they need to grow their brands virtually. What’s more, they’ll be using a platform they know they can trust. Akimi offers three different sizes of plots catering to the needs of different sized businesses, namely a 1.1 plot, a two by two plot, and a three by three plot.

The Core Team and Roadmap

The core team of Akimi comprises of a collective of passionate professionals aiming to help other businesses owners harness the powers of web-free technology. They have an abundance of experience, qualifications, and success behind them. Their mission is to create the most impactful virtual business hubs. The founder and CEO is backed by a 3D architect, a 3D environmental artist, and a web designer to bring their vision to life. They have partnered with leading metaverse development companies, which coupled with their knowledge, will produce a platform all business owners can benefit from.

The roadmap for Akimi follows four phases. The first phase is team formation, metaverse development initiation, virtual land smart contract development for pre-sale one, audit, and promotion and marketing of the metaverse. In the second phase, further development, marketing, virtual land pre-sale 2, and audit of that will take place. Phase three will see the ikimi token launch, adding unlocking liquidity, marketplace smart contract development, final phase of metaverse testing. In the fourth and final phase, the full metaverse launch, virtual land sale, and public launch will occur. They are currently looking for 3D architects to help with the launch.

Akimi in the Press and Whitepaper

Akimi has made waves in the press, with features in Yahoo Money, MarketWatch, and Digital Journal. For a deeper dive into their project, a look at their whitepaper is worthwhile. The whitepaper outlines Akimi’s mission to build a solid ecosystem that will enhance the ability of professionals and organizations to leverage endless opportunities associated with immersive technology in web-free.

NFT Land Sale

Perhaps the most intriguing part of Akimi is its plan to raise funds by selling land plots directly as NFTs. The development of the Ikimi project has already started, and they will not be doing an ICO or IDO method to raise funds. Instead, they will be selling virtual plots of land as NFTs. Users will be able to rent, sell, or auction their land on the plot if they wish to. Virtual land plots will be sold in pre-sale 1 and pre-sale 2 as NFTs. There will be a lock-up period in which users will not be able to sell their plots for a given duration. Upon the release of the Akimi marketplaces, users will be allowed to sell their plots. The current prices of the NFTs are not yet announced, but the prices are estimated to be between $150 to $250 for the base plot.


In summary, Akimi is a metaverse that is set on empowering businesses and entrepreneurs. The platform provides a trusted gateway for businesses to network, collaborate, market, scout, train, exhibit, and conference. They are raising funds by selling virtual land plots as NFTs, and their whitepaper provides an in-depth look at their mission to build a solid ecosystem. Akimi is an exciting metaverse that has already made waves in the press, and it is worth watching how this platform evolves for businesses and entrepreneurs.

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