Insider Secrets Unveiled: Crypto with Brian Dives into AI Cryptos, Gala and the Anticipated Bull Run with Crypto Archie!

In this video, the content creator interviews a fellow YouTuber named Crypto Arshi. The focus of their discussion is on low-cap and upcoming cryptocurrency projects. Crypto Arshi states that he prides himself on finding the next hundred-x project before the rest of the crowd catches on. He also shares his experience with getting into crypto at a young age and investing small amounts of money at first. When asked about the biggest mistake he made while investing in crypto, Crypto Arshi highlights the importance of tokenomics, stating that he initially overlooked them and how they affect a project’s potential for success.


Hello guys, welcome back to a new video on my Channel. Today we have a special video, we have an interview with my friend Crypto Arshi. He’s a YouTuber and he has been growing a lot. He is one of the many people that call the AI Trend. So, he has been blowing up on YouTube lately with all this AI Trend, plus he has a lot of videos on gems that have done 40x, 50x, and 100x as well. So, we’re going to be interviewing him to see what his goals are in crypto as a YouTuber and everything that he has in his mind for the future. So, welcome to the channel, Crypto Arshi. How are you feeling today?

Thanks very much for having me. I’m feeling good, just a regular routine searching crypto gems, looking at the markets. You know how it is. Yeah, you know it’s the grind. It’s building in the bar market that’s what it’s all about man, and it’s all about dollar cost averaging and being patient. Exactly.

About Crypto Arshi

First, do you want to introduce yourself for the people that don’t know you?

No problem, so basically I have a YouTube channel, I talk about low cap gems mainly. I do touch on Mid caps and high caps occasionally. So, everyone knows I like Gala so when I’m talking about mid caps, I talk about Gala. People know I like Quants, I like Algorand, they talk about these a lot as well. But generally, I’m looking for the next hundred X’s, that’s the main premise, and I’m looking for the trends before they become mainstream. You know before Bit Boys talking about them, before everyone on Twitter’s talking about them. I try and find those Trends before the rest of the crowd. That’s something that I try and pride myself in, and the same with low cap gems and low-cap Cryptos, try and find them before they shoot to the upside basically, right.

I think that’s really how you maximize your gains in the market, like trying to find the projects, good projects when they are in early stages. That’s really how you make a lot of money in crypto because let’s be honest, I don’t even think that Ethereum will probably 100x in the next five years but probably if you get a low cap gem that is really good, it can give you a chance of having a 100x on your money, returning your money in the next five years.

Getting into Crypto

How did you get into crypto? What motivated you to invest in crypto and stuff like that?

Well, basically, I was very young. I’m going to be honest with this, so I was probably around 14 years old, quite a while ago. And I was basically obviously hearing about crypto. This is way before 2018, so before the Bull Run even happened people were talking about it. I was really from a very young age, probably like 12 or 13. I was always thinking, “I need to make money, I need to make money.” I was looking at the fast ways to make money, and I heard about this crypto, I heard about stocks, I heard about all these things. So, look, I was very young 13 14, reading into crypto but I never really invested obviously because I’m really young 13 14. But then as I got older, I was like researching ways of getting in under 18, and I found you know if you go for if you tell a parent or something, you can get in, or if you use a dex, you can make a wallet and things like this.

So yeah, I just heard about making money online. It was something that I thought, basically it’s kind of like a new Revolution right, people are making money so easily now online. It’s like, right, the digital age is this whole new age of making money for young people. So, that was really how I heard about it, people on YouTube were talking about it. And then obviously I started investing with very small amounts of money at first, very small amounts of money. I was putting in $20 into some coins, $10 dollars into some coins, thinking if it’s 10X’s I’m going to get a hundred dollars or whatever. But yeah, that’s basically how I got in and then over time you make more and more money, and then it’s now my full-time job essentially, right.

The biggest Crypto Mistake

What was the biggest mistake that you did when you started investing in crypto that cost you a lot of money?

That’s an interesting one. So, I would say there’s a couple. So, I would say the main one, which was when I first got in and I was naive too, was Tokonomics. I just brushed over them, it was as if tokenomics, that’s just a thing for the nerds, you don’t need to look at that if you’re invested in a crypto, when really it is probably equally as important as the actual utility or kind of background around the project because I said this on my livestream earlier today there’s two things that you look at in a project right, there’s the project itself, and then there’s the tokonomics.

Best way of weighing up a project is you get how much out of 10 is the project. Let’s use Gala as an example. So, Gala, I would say is like a 9 out of 10 project in terms of the actual utility, what they’re developing, you know, games, film, music, all this stuff. But then in terms of tokonomics, it’s probably like a 4 or 5 out of 10, obviously they are becoming deflationary now, so maybe it’s gone up to a 6 out of 10 or whatever, but so what you need to do is you go okay, 9 out of 10 in terms of utility, 5 out of 10 in terms of tokonomics. What is it in between? So, you find the average of both of them, okay, it’s like a 7 out of 10 project, a good project. That’s how I do it now, but in the past, I would just brush over tokonomics.


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