Unleashing the Secrets of a Critical Crypto Strategy: How to Maximize Your Gains

BitBoy Crypto’s portfolio has grown to over $50,000 across four different portfolios. The $1,000 portfolio has become profitable for the first time. BitBoy has learned from past mistakes and will be taking profits from some investments, such as ICP and Algorand, and redistributing them across NEAR, SAND, HBAR, XRP, IOTA, QNT, XDC, and Aptos. BitBoy plans to add lower cap coins to the portfolios in the future, but for now is working on balancing and redistributing the current investments.

Welcome to BitBoy Crypto!

My name is Ben. Today, we’re going to look at our portfolio. And let me tell you, it’s doing good. If we look here, you’ll see we now have our portfolio topping $50,058. Now, you may be wondering, where do we start at?

Our Four Different Portfolios

Well, we have four different portfolios as you guys can see here. We have a $25K portfolio, a $10K portfolio, an ISO 20022 portfolio, which was $5,000 to begin with, and a $1K portfolio that started $1,000. You can see where it is now—$1,123.

Portfolio Profits

This is the first time our $1K portfolio has been in profits. So really exciting. Now, what does all this ultimately mean? All this ultimately means that our portfolio is up almost $9,000. So, we started with basically $41,000 total between those four portfolios—$25K, $10K, $1K and then a $5K ISO 20022. So, we are above $50,000. We are up, you know, well over 10% in this portfolio now. And we are feeling good about where we’re at.

Taking Profits

Now, we learned a lesson. Okay? If you go back a couple of weeks ago, when we were at Crypto Lifer’s house, we were talking about our portfolio. What we said is that, you know, we wished– what I said last week was I wish when we were at Crypto Lifer’s that I would have taken some profits because there were some things that were massively in the green and we did not take profits on those things. You know what we did? We celebrated. Patted each other on the backs, said “great job,” but we didn’t do any work. This time, we’re going to learn from that and we’re going to move some stuff around in the portfolio. We are going to be taking some profits.

Making Moves

We’re going to be taking some profits off of– I didn’t want to take profits off ICP, but it just ran up so much now. We are going to need to take some profits from that. Algorand, we’re going to take some profits because it’s up 20%, but it was massively down at one point, which means that it has really, really, really pumped. So we’re going to spread that around a little bit. Also going to be taking some profits from Polygon, Optimism, and those are probably the four, and Aptos possibly as well. We’ll see what we’re going to do with Aptos. It’s up 86% as well. So, let’s figure out how we’re going to do this, what moves we’re going to make.

Looking at Wallets

Let’s go over here to our wallets. We’re going to look at the individual ones. So, we’re going to take these on individually. So, you guys can see here our 25k portfolio is now over $30,000! Absolutely phenomenal! And you look at ICP. You look at ALGO. They’re both up considerably.

Taking Profits Continued

We’re not going to be decreasing our ETH holdings because our ETH holdings– you know, ETH is a long-term hold, so we’re going to want to go ahead and just, you know, make sure we’re keeping that. We are going to take some profits from ICP and from ALGO. So, from ICP, I mean, man, it is up so much. It is killing it. We are probably going to take– we’re going to take, let’s say, $1,500 out of here. We’re going to take $1,500 out of ICP and we’re going to take $1,500 out of ALGO. That’s what we’re going to do.

Spreading It Around

And then we’re going to take that $500 and we’re going to spread that evenly over NEAR, we’re going to skip Filecoin, because while I’d like to add to my Filecoin holdings, it pumped like 40% today, so we’re going to put it in NEAR, SAND, HBAR, We’re going to leave Aptos the same, and we’re going to add some more to XRP. And I think that’s probably going to be good. So, we’re going to take that $3,000, and we’re going to spread that evenly between XRP, HBAR, SAND and NEAR.

Boosting Holdings

For our $10K portfolio, we’re going take $500 out of MATIC and $500 out of Optimism that have both been absolutely crushing it. And we’re going to put those down here into NEAR and QNT. So, there you go. We’re going to really increase the holdings there of those coins. For our ISO 20022, we’re going to take $1,000 out of Algorand and we’re going to spread that evenly between our bottom four here. So, we’re going to spread that between XLM, IOTA, QNT and XDC. That’s how we’re going to even out that part of the portfolio.

Small Moves

And then for our $1K portfolio, I think what we should do here is we’re going to take let’s say $40 out of ALGO and we’re going to take $50 out of ICP and let’s put that into XRP. We’re going to leave SAND where it is for now. I kind of want to make some moves with SAND as well, so I don’t really know what I want to do there. Let’s do this. Let’s take $60 out of Algorand. We’ll take $60 out of Algorand. And then we will take $50 out of ICP. We’re going to take that $110, and we are going to put $60 of that into SAND and $50 of that into XRP. You guys can see, when you’ve got $1,000 portfolio, there’s just not a lot of moves you can really make. But we are going to make those moves there. We’re going to boost those holdings just a bit.

The Bottom Line

Now what that is going to do is it’s going to put all of our holdings at least over $100 here in this portfolio and see what we can do with that. So, we’re going to make these changes. We’ll see what happens next week, if we go up, if we go down. It’s okay if we go down a little bit. The important part is we’re redistributing and balancing our portfolios as we’re moving up. And, of course, at certain points, we’re going to want to start going and adding some more lower cap coins into these portfolios, but it’s not quite time yet, but it is time for us to start doing research to start looking at some of those. So, that’s all I got for this portfolio video. Thanks for watching. Be blessed. BitBoy out.

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