Ark Invest Invests in Coinbase and Triggers a MATIC Leap: What’s the Buzz?

ARK Invest has become the fourth-largest corporate shareholder of Coinbase, having bought back into the cryptocurrency exchange after previously dumping almost $75m worth following the SEC claim that the firm was trading unregistered securities. This marks the first time ARK has invested in COIN since the SEC focused on other platforms, such as NFTs, making the company more confident in jumping back in. Meanwhile, Apple has announced it will collect 30% of in-app NFT minting, saying apps offering exclusive access to NFT owners will be banned from links to other sites, with crypto exchange apps still exempt.

ARK Invest Buys Back Into Coinbase

ARK Invest has become the fourth-largest corporate shareholder of Coinbase, buying back in after previously dumping $75 million following the SEC’s claim that the exchange was trading unregistered securities. With the SEC now shifting focus to other platforms and a possible Bitcoin bottom in sight, ARK Invest has gained confidence in jumping back into COIN.

MATIC Gets Good Press and Breaks Above 200-Day Moving Average

MATIC, the Ethereum scaling layer 2 project, broke out of a two-month downtrend and surpassed the 200-day moving average, following positive price action. Polygon-based profile picture NFTs and Warren Buffett-backed Nubank choosing MATIC have given it good press lately.

Apple Plans to Collect 30% on In-App NFT Mints

Apple has announced that it will allow in-app NFT minting, but ban apps from offering exclusive access to NFT owners or links to other sites where they can mint and trade outside of the Apple ecosystem. Crypto exchange apps are still exempt as long as they are playing by the rules.

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