Fight Out presale is coming to an end. What’s next? Listings and NFTs

Fight Out (FGHT) is a new play-to-earn token that rewards users for maintaining a healthy and active lifestyle. Users can download the Fight Out app and customize their workouts to earn rewards by competing in various tournaments, accessing different metaverse experiences, and more. The rewards are distributed as REPS, which can be used to purchase training equipment, app memberships, individual training sessions, and apparel. Fight Out is also integrating nonfungible tokens (NFTs) into its play-to-earn ecosystem, allowing users to mint their own NFT avatars that represent their physical performance and lifestyle. Investors can still purchase FGHT tokens during the ongoing presale, with bonuses available depending on the number of tokens purchased and the length of time they are staked. Fight Out is set to conduct its initial exchange offering on April 5, 2023, and many have predicted a positive performance for the token. With its addictive gameplay opportunities, monetary rewards, and easily accessible training app, Fight Out offers a great opportunity for investors to purchase in 2023.

“One of the most-talked new cryptocurrency tokens right now is Fight Out (FGHT), a play-to-earn token allowing users to earn rewards for maintaining a healthy and active lifestyle.” – Cointelegraph

“With popular YouTube accounts predicting the FGHT token to perform well when it lists on exchanges next week, investors believe this may be the best time to invest in this project while prices are still at presale and fixed levels.” – Cointelegraph

“Fight Out is a new play-to-earn cryptocurrency project that rewards you for exercising and training in real life.” – Cointelegraph

“Fight Out is also integrating nonfungible tokens (NFTs) into its play-to-earn ecosystem.” – Cointelegraph

“While the ongoing presale is turning out to be very successful for Fight Out, it is also gaining popularity on different social media platforms.” – Cointelegraph

“Many have predicted that Fight Out’s performance will be positive in the coming years. One of them is a popular YouTuber named Jacob Crypto Bury, who has a following of more than 12,400 people.” – Cointelegraph

“Overall, Fight Out offers a great mix of addictive gameplay opportunities, monetary rewards, token bonuses and an easily accessible training app. With the crypto’s growing popularity and the upcoming exchange listing, this can be a great token to purchase in 2023.” – Cointelegraph

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