Miami NFT Week announces speakers highlighting rapidly growing crypto communities in Latin America

Miami NFT Week, the largest non-fungible token (NFT) gathering in Southern Florida, has announced several new speakers to its lineup. The event aims to further strengthen the rapid growth of crypto-native communities in Latin America. Miami NFT Week will feature speakers from around the world and offer top-of-the-line networking, panels, and cultural discussions for the Latin American community. Mastercard’s Senior Vice President Stefany Bello will join other speakers on stage for a panel discussion titled “Latinos Vamos! The Power of Women LATAM Women!” sponsored by Mastercard, which is also sponsoring four panels focused on the growing LATAM crypto community. The event’s main pillars include culture, metaverse, enterprise, Web3, and community. Miami NFT Week strives to serve as a welcoming environment for all crypto enthusiasts, including new and curious individuals. The event will also host a buildathon with over $25,000 worth of prizes to be distributed to winning teams.

“Miami NFT Week 2022 was my first introduction to a stage for crypto and Web3. As a young female, I was trying to understand the space and my place in all of it. Following my participation at the conference, I knew my passion was this new emerging world, and I started my company, The Miami Ape, shortly after. Without Miami NFT Week 2022, I would’ve never taken the chance at speaking in so many stages around the country and world. A year later, I get to look back on the journey and stand up in front of everyone at Miami NFT Week 2023 as a speaker to share my story and hopefully inspire young women like me.” – Laura Rodriguez, host and co-founder of The Miami Ape

“Latinos Vamos! The Power of Women LATAM Women!” – Stefany Bello, Senior Vice President at Mastercard

“We strive to offer a welcoming environment for all crypto enthusiasts — natives, newcomers and curious individuals alike. Crypto and Web3 are rapidly evolving, and at Miami NFT Week, we are eager to help the community evolve with it. The testimonies that stemmed from last year’s conference were overwhelming, and it’s always been our goal to be the most inclusive crypto event. This year, we are proud to continue with that same goal.” – Erik LaPaglia, Miami NFT Week co-founder

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