Guess who’s making waves on TV? BitBoy spills all in EXCLUSIVE interview!

The content includes a conversation between two individuals about their softball game and hitting practice. They also discuss their kids’ hitting techniques and preferences. The conversation then shifts to Bitcoin and the recent market drop, with one person explaining the difference between stablecoins like Tether and USDC versus algorithmic stablecoins like UST. They also discuss the potential for more downside in the market and the possibility of a multi-year bear market. The conversation ends with a mention of a “false top theory” and discussion about Richard Heart’s prediction.

Hitting Practice for Softball Game Tonight
Heading: Introduction

Ben and the speaker are doing some hitting practice for their softball game tonight. They are looking forward to the game and hope to get some hits under their belt.

Speaker on Fox Business in 45 Minutes
Heading: First Activity

The speaker is scheduled to appear on Fox Business in 45 minutes. They are excited to hit well and then head to their next activity.

Discussion about Hitting Techniques
Heading: Hitting Techniques

While practicing hitting, the speaker and Ben discuss techniques, including watching the ball and determining where to hit it based on its depth. They also discuss a kid who is a good right field hitter and how he has inspired the speaker to want to hit in the same way.

Discussion about Crypto and Market Trends
Heading: Crypto and Market Trends

The speaker and their colleagues discuss Tether, USDC, and UST, and their market trends. They also discuss the history and trends of Bitcoin and the potential for a bear market in the future.

Potential for Metaverse Projects to Fail
Heading: Metaverse Projects

The speaker and their colleagues discuss the potential for metaverse projects to fail, similar to what happened in 2018 with ICOs. They also discuss the potential for a multi-year bear market and false top theory.


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