Could You Guess Which Country is a Rising Force in Banking and Crypto? You’ll Be Surprised: Liechtenstein!

Lichtenstein, a small country established in 1140, has become a center for banking despite being locked on all sides. It has more companies than people within its borders and maintains economic relations with EU powerhouses Germany and Switzerland, although it is not part of the EU and has no trade relations with the US. Liechtenstein has the world’s highest GDP per capita. LCX, a crypto exchange, was founded after the blockchain Act was passed into law in Lichtenstein in 2019. The company focuses on tokenization exchanges and considers the blockchain act to be crypto-friendly.

Liechtenstein: The Shady Economic Powerhouse

Liechtenstein: The Shady Economic Powerhouse

A Brief History

Lichtenstein has been around since the year 1140. Despite being landlocked on all sides, it has somehow become a center for banking and is uber powerful.

The Economic Landscape

Liechtenstein has more companies inside its borders than people. It’s so shady it doesn’t even have trade relations with the United States and it isn’t part of the EU. And yet, it has economic relations with EU powerhouses like Germany and Switzerland. It has the highest GDP per capita in the world.

The Birth of LCX

A crypto exchange called LCX was made after the blockchain Act was put into law. According to Massari, they consider the blockchain Act to be extremely crypto-friendly. Back in 2018, LCX knew that crypto was the future of finance. So, they latched on to tokenization exchanges and they didn’t look back.


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