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BitBoy Crypto is a YouTube channel that provides viewers with updates on the latest developments in the world of cryptocurrency. In a recent video, Ben, the host of the channel, discussed the rising popularity of cryptocurrency content on TikTok and addressed some misconceptions about Ethereum. While he believes that Cardano is a solid contender for the top smart contract platform, Ben explained that Ethereum’s ecosystem and developer pool make it the most convenient and likely candidate for continued dominance in the market. He also drew a comparison to McDonald’s, noting that convenience can sometimes be more important than perfection in maintaining market dominance.

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You already know that. My name is Ben. Today, I’m coming to you with a Sunday drive video. While I drive to church, I tell you what’s going on in the world of crypto. And I’ve got something on my mind today that I really, really, really want to share with you guys. I think it’s vitally important that, a lot of you that are newer to crypto, you get this message.

The Importance of Understanding Ethereum

So, I’ve been seeing a lot of videos, specifically on TikTok, where the crypto community on TikTok is blowing up. I’m seeing new creators left and right. Good job. New folks who are coming in. Do your thing. Get popular. Give takes. Make controversial opinions. Do whatever you can to make your mark on the crypto space. That’s how I started out.

The Hierarchy of Coins

But what I want to tell you is this, Is that I’ve been seeing a lot of videos on crypto TikTok talking specifically about Ethereum. Now, I want to give you kind of my hierarchy of coins. As you guys know, I like Bitcoin, but I believe there’s a lot more potential in Ethereum than Bitcoin. I believe Ethereum is ultimately probably going to be the No. 1 smart contract platform out there for a significant period of time. However, you guys know I love ADA as well, Cardano community. I love Cardano. I think Cardano is the only coin with a real shot to unseat Ethereum. But ultimately, it’s just got a very tough row to hoe. It is possible, but my forecast is still to see Ethereum at No. 1. It doesn’t mean Cardano is not better technology. It doesn’t mean it doesn’t have a better community. I’m going to get into the reasons why I think Ethereum stays No. 1 in a minute. You guys know XRP Army, XRP Army, we hit it up. You guys already know that. We love the XRP community, but it’s a totally different space than, you know, public smart contracts On Ethereum or on, you know, any blockchain. So I want to confess my love for Ethereum here to you guys in this video.

The Misconceptions about Ethereum

First and foremost, I want to explain what I’m seeing and why people are dead wrong. And then I’m also going to tell you why I relate to that. I relate to it, but they’re dead wrong.

Okay. So, there was a guy doing a video. And, guys, I’m just not great at remembering who did these videos. So I would like to give proper credit to these people. Maybe somebody can find them and give them the proper credit in the comments. But there’s a guy who is doing a pretty, pretty funny series.

The Convenience of Ethereum

The thing that caught me by surprise, and I want you to understand, there were times when TRON and EOS were making up massive ground against Ethereum. There were times. And then what happened? ETH dominance started kicking back up. Those projects went down. Now, neither one of them are very relevant today. TRON’s been a little more relevant in the last couple of months. But it is not even close to being spoken with Ethereum.

The Biggest Pool of Developers

The thing that I missed, two things. Two things that kept Ethereum on top and will remain keeping them on top. And I’ll actually add a third thing. But the two things back then that kept them on top were it has the biggest pool of developers, and it’s not…

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