Shocking News Alert: You Won’t Believe What the IRS is Doing with Your $$$

The IRS is attempting to recover money on a technicality, despite previous mistakes such as sending $1.1 billion to the wrong recipients during the pandemic and a hack in 2015 that compromised personal information. The agency has been pursuing middle-class former American citizens with foreign bank accounts, who may owe upwards of $10,000.

The IRS And Their Troubling History

Child Welfare Scandal

During the pandemic, the IRS sent a whopping 1.1 billion dollars in child welfare payments to the wrong people for almost five months. This shocking revelation showed a lack of proper control measures in place, resulting in such a colossal blunder.

Hacked in 2015

In 2015, the IRS was hacked, leading to the personal information of over 700,000 taxpayers being compromised. This data breach raised concern over the agency’s ability to safeguard sensitive taxpayer information.

Targeting Americans

Since 2010, the IRS has been pursuing Americans who have ten thousand dollars or more in a foreign bank account rigorously. It did not matter that many of these individuals were middle-class former American citizens.

Current Troubles

Recently, the IRS is trying to retrieve monies from American citizens, citing technicalities even though the money was lawfully obtained. It is worrying that the agency is attempting such actions; this raises questions of their grasp on legal policies and procedures.

Final Thoughts

The IRS’s questionable actions and history are significant causes of concern, especially for American taxpayers. It is imperative that the agency implements and adheres to strict control measures to protect taxpayers’ confidential information, and its policies and practices must align with legal regulations and moral principles.

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