Unveiling My Crypto Portfolio: See How I Finally Managed to Take Some Profits!

BitBoy Crypto is transitioning from CoinTracker to another platform for tracking portfolios due to a mistake that wrongly showed a loss. The portfolio is actually up $3,600, and changes are being made; the $25,000 portfolio is up $2,000, the $10,000 portfolio is up $1,200, the KuCoin portfolio is up $500 and the $1,000 portfolio is even. BitBoy highlights Singularity and Conflux as the best performing coins in the portfolio, having doubled the money up on Conflux. The $25,000 portfolio is selling $300 of AGIX and $300 of CFX and adding $600 in Arbitrum.

Welcome to BitBoy Crypto!

Hey, guys. My name is Ben and in this video, we’re going to be discussing some changes in our portfolio as well as taking a quick look at our gains over the past week.

Transitioning from CoinTracker

So, we’re in the process of transitioning from CoinTracker to another platform for tracking our portfolio. We recently had a mistake that showed we lost money, but in fact, we’re up about $3,600 as of today.

Changes in the Portfolio

We will be making some changes in our portfolio today. Currently, we don’t have exposure to Bitcoin, but that may change in the future. Here’s a breakdown of our different wallets:

  • $25K portfolio is up about $2,000
  • $10,000 portfolio doing really well, up $1,200
  • KuCoin portfolio is up $500
  • $1K portfolio is still about even

Best Performing Coins of the Week

Let’s take a look at the best performing coins of the week in our portfolio. Here are the gains:

  • Singularity is up $561
  • Conflux is up 50%

We’re going to be selling off $300 of AGIX and $300 of CFX in our $25K portfolio and investing $600 in Arbitrum. Arbitrum just launched and is down 88.42%, but we believe it has strong potential and hype behind it. This may be our best coin pick at the moment.

Other Holdings

We don’t have a lot we can do with our other holdings at the moment, but we’re happy with our XRP holding. Overall, our portfolio is up $3,500. Thanks for tuning in, be blessed. BitBoy out.


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