Onyx DAO and ApeSwap announce ARB Liquidity Farms and Reward Pools to celebrate Arbitrum Airdrop

Decentralized finance (DeFi) has sparked excitement over the past week with the launch of ApeSwap and Onyx DAO on Arbitrum and the much-anticipated announcement of the ARB token airdrop. The total value of the airdropped ARB token is estimated to be over $1 billion. Onyx DAO has introduced two new features centered around the ARB token: ARB ApeSwap yield farms, enabling users to earn OnyxDAO token rewards while converting their ARB tokens into a liquidity pair that can be staked, and an ARB rewards pool that allows users to stake ONYX tokens to earn ARB. Onyx DAO is one of the few places on the entire Arbitrum ecosystem where users can earn ARB directly. Users can earn several other major cryptocurrency tokens, including Ether and USD Coin, by staking ONYX. Onyx DAO also offers over a dozen other liquidity farming options, including yield farms based on Tether, Bitcoin, Chainlink, and ApeSwap. The platform also plans to launch Treasury Bills through ApeSwap on March 28. This feature will enable users to sell their ONYX/ETH liquidity to the protocol to earn ONYX tokens at a discount. Finally, Onyx DAO aims to leverage sustainable liquidity mining and discourage bad actors, and plans to emphasize creating innovative prediction markets and vaulting strategies in the long term.


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