Coresky to Launch CoreCard’s Freemint on March 22 Along With Opening of Trading Mining

Coresky, a non-fungible token (NFT) launch and trading platform, is set to launch CoreCard freemint and the first phase of trading mining on March 22. The CoreCard NFT is the membership NFT launched by the Coresky trading platform. Those who hold the CoreCard NFT will be able to enjoy Coresky’s many platform benefits, including asset package share minting. Coresky has a different business logic from other NFT trading markets; the platform relies on the community launchpad to divide and mint high-quality project shares into asset-packaged NFTs, sharing the equity with every member holding the CoreCard. The issuance of asset-packaged NFTs will cover NFT and FT projects’ primary market coin rights in various fields of the Web3 industry, redefining the boundary of NFT financial attributes.

Asset-packaged NFTs represent an incremental market for the NFT industry, and Coresky’s launchpad provides an investment marketplace for institutions to issue and trade primary investment shares through asset-packaged NFTs. Participating in the primary market is typically limited to public offering rounds, but in Coresky, users only need to have a CoreCard to participate in primary market investments. The investment share will be directly minted into the Asset-packaged NFT, which users can then list and trade on the NFT market or store in their crypto wallet. Coresky’s asset-packaged NFT helps to unlock new narratives and play styles for NFTs and is a win-win situation for users, Web3 project parties and investment institutions.


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