CoinEx’s spot grid feature makes it easy for strategic traders to earn

CoinEx is set to launch its spot grid feature on March 16th, which allows users to automate their trading strategies based on price movements in spot markets. In the fast-evolving financial market, human emotions such as greed and fear still remain influential factors that can lead to significant losses for investors. Quantitative trading using advanced mathematical models has gained popularity among investors, with machine learning and artificial intelligence increasingly being used to develop trading strategies promising high returns. Spot grid is a tool for CoinEx’s four million global users to help overcome some of the emotional factors of trading and make better decisions. It allows users to allocate funds to multiple price levels, with buy and sell triggers at each level. When the price falls, the target asset is automatically bought at the trigger point, and when it rises, it is automatically sold at the trigger point. This tapping into price swings should average costs and lower the cost base via repeated buy-low-sell-high operations, producing stable returns. Spot grid can be used by long-term investors, short-term traders and risk controllers, as it can mitigate trading risks by setting fixed price ranges and stop-loss/take-profit points.


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