The company is leading the way in DeFi innovation

Acta Finance is a decentralized financial protocol that offers individuals and organizations a comprehensive suite of tools to manage their financial well-being. The platform focuses on transparency, security, and accessibility, and its products include staking, farming, liquidity aggregator, and DAO program, among others. Acta Finance is built on the Avalanche testnet and has completed and audited products available for users.

Acta Finance is unique in that it is the first project to utilize a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) to decide whether it should go to market. The decision was put in the hands of its testnet governors, and the vote resulted in an 80.95% vote in favor of going to market. The company is now focused on its next milestone, the token generation event (TGE), which is scheduled for the end of March into April.

The company is committed to community engagement and involvement, having launched a Crew3 bounty campaign with a rewards pool of 292,500 ACTA, which is three times the size of the regular monthly rewards pool. The campaign includes a wide array of quests and is designed to grow the ActaFam community and reward its most passionate members.

Acta Finance is dedicated to inclusivity, transparency, and community involvement, and its active steps toward listing demonstrate its commitment to action. Join the ActaFam community today to be a part of this innovative and transformative financial protocol.


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