Numen Cyber, a Singapore-based Web3 security company, teams up with Cobo to offer disaster recovery services

Numen Cyber, a Web3 security company, has partnered with Cobo, a digital asset custody solutions provider, to offer disaster recovery services and collaborate on multi-party computation (MPC) custody, Web3 security services, and on-chain tracking analysis. The aim is to provide enhanced protection for digital assets and accelerate MPC client security and growth. Numen Cyber plans to leverage its Web3 security services and on-chain tracking analysis expertise to develop new solutions for Cobo MPC clients. The companies will work together on cyberattacks, smart contract audits, and other cybersecurity issues. Cobo MPC-based co-managed custody solution makes use of secure MPC technology to implement a threshold-signature scheme. Private key shares are created simultaneously by each party in a secure environment so they can jointly sign transactions without exposing their key shares. Numen Cyber is committed to securing the future of the decentralized internet, and has expertise in identifying and mitigating potential cyber threats for safer and reliable Web3 operations. Numen Cyber’s comprehensive Web3 security solutions are used by a growing number of clients worldwide, ranging from individuals to large enterprises. The company’s commitment to offering advanced and secure cybersecurity solutions for Web3 is part of its mission to create a safer and secure decentralized internet.


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