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GemHunter Rules
  1. Be respectful: Users should be respectful in their interactions with other users and site moderators.
  2. Use appropriate language: Users should avoid using profanity or offensive language in their comments or posts.
  3. Avoid personal attacks: Users should avoid personal attacks or insults directed at other users or individuals mentioned in the content.
  4. Don’t spread misinformation: Users should avoid spreading misinformation or false rumors, and should check sources before sharing information.
  5. Stay on topic: Users should stay on topic and avoid derailing discussions with unrelated comments or posts.
  6. Follow the rules: Users should follow the site’s rules and guidelines for posting comments or content.
  7. Don’t spam: Users should avoid spamming the site with irrelevant or repetitive comments or posts.
  8. Respect other opinions: Users should respect the opinions of others, even if they disagree with them.
  9. Use constructive criticism: Users should use constructive criticism when commenting on content or providing feedback.
  10. Don’t harass others: Users should avoid harassing or bullying other users or individuals mentioned in the content.
  11. Don’t engage in hate speech: Users should avoid engaging in hate speech or discriminatory comments directed at individuals or groups.
  12. Don’t incite violence: Users should avoid inciting violence or advocating for violent behavior.
  13. Don’t impersonate others: Users should not impersonate other individuals or create fake accounts to deceive others.
  14. Protect personal information: Users should protect their personal information and avoid sharing it in comments or posts.
  15. Use credible sources: Users should use credible sources when sharing information or links.
  16. Avoid spreading viruses: Users should avoid sharing links or files that may contain viruses or malware.
  17. Don’t plagiarize: Users should avoid plagiarizing content or using copyrighted material without permission.
  18. Don’t engage in trolling: Users should avoid trolling or intentionally provoking others in online discussions.
  19. Report abuse: Users should report any abusive or inappropriate behavior to site moderators.
  20. Don’t post illegal content: Users should avoid posting content that is illegal or violates the site’s terms of use.
  21. Don’t steal content: Users should not steal content from the site or other sources and repost it as their own.
  22. Don’t promote illegal activities: Users should not promote illegal activities or encourage others to engage in illegal behavior.
  23. Don’t engage in online gambling: Users should avoid engaging in online gambling or promoting it on the site.
  24. Be aware of privacy settings: Users should be aware of their privacy settings and avoid sharing personal information with strangers.
  25. Use appropriate avatars: Users should use appropriate avatars and avoid using images that may be offensive or inappropriate.
  26. Don’t post fake news: Users should avoid posting fake news or sharing articles from unreliable sources.
  27. Use the site responsibly: Users should use the site responsibly and avoid overusing it or abusing its features.
  28. Don’t harass journalists: Users should avoid harassing journalists or commenting in a threatening or abusive manner on their articles.
  29. Respect the community: Users should respect the community and its guidelines, and contribute to constructive discussions.
  30. Provide feedback: Users should provide feedback to site moderators and journalists to help improve the quality of the content and the site.

The rules described here will certainly be supplemented and updated. This list is not exhaustive, and decisions about the permissibility of any given action and the penalties are subject to change. At the discretion of the administration, any material may be found to be in violation of community guidelines under the legal guidelines for product use.

You may complain about any comment or material that you feel is inappropriate. You need to click on the three dots in the upper right corner and select “complain”. Moderators will receive the complaint and make a decision.

A beefed up level of discussion will attract even more good authors and experts who will stop being afraid to share personal experiences and be insulted in comments. More specialists – more knowledge. More knowledge – more ideas, more projects, more money, and whatever we want.

Thank you.


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