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"Why Patience is the Make or Break Factor for a Successful Crypto Portfolio Strategy"

BitBoy Crypto advises patience in investment decisions amid the current bullish trend in the cryptocurrency market. He encourages investors to wait for a break above $25,000 to $26,000 in Bitcoin before...

"Coinbase Dives Into Court Support for XRP! (What's the Connection to Doge?)"

VeChain has partnered with [email protected] to monetize inventory using non-fungible tokens (NFTs) on the VeChainThor blockchain. The NFTs, which are worth €1.6 million, can be used to track and monetize goods...

Cosmos Set to Receive a Major Update! Discover the Best Bear Market Moves Now.

Cosmos, a DeFi protocol, has been making strides in blockchain since 2019 by tackling the “trilemma” of scalability, usability, and interoperability. The company’s internet of blockchains...

"FTX in Panic Mode as Cryptocurrency Advocates Withdraw Support, While Facebook Braces for Unprecedented Job Cuts"

Meta, the company formerly known as Facebook, is set to undergo significant layoffs as the firm attempts to restructure following a fall in stock prices. The tech giant has reportedly hired over 15,000...

Seedify has launched ChainGPT, an AI solution for crypto and blockchain.

Seedify, a crypto launchpad and incubator, has launched ChainGPT, an AI model that can provide solutions and use cases for crypto and blockchain technology. ChainGPT offers blockchain analytics services,...

On the WhiteBIT crypto exchange, there are new deposit methods available.

WhiteBIT, a Ukrainian crypto exchange, is integrating into European payment systems and global services, and has added three new payment methods. Users can now top up their balances using Apple Pay, the...

"Unlocking the Enigma: Why is ETH Considered Untouchable?"

With more people using Ethereum during a bull run, the network becomes more deflationary, leading to a sky-high price increase. The deflationary trend is crucial for Ethereum’s price speculation,...

BitMart has chosen CODE Solution to comply with the Travel Rule in South Korea.

BitMart, a global digital assets trading platform, has announced its compliance with the Travel Rule regulations recommended by the Financial Action Task Force (FATF) by connecting with CODE, a Travel...

"Why Kevin O'Leary's Opinion on Crypto Might Surprise You and Why It's Not as Relevant as You Think".

Kevin O’Leary, a former advocate for cryptocurrencies, has been criticised for his recent behaviour in the space, and it seems he has become irrelevant. In recent weeks, O’Leary has floundered...

"Is This the End of DEFI As We Know It? Unveiling the Latest Developments"

Centralized exchange CEOs Ryan Armstrong and Sam Bingman have been accused of attempting to stifle cryptocurrency innovation and make it illegal, both to maintain the dominance of the elite and secure...
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